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momijizukamori [12:15]  well, the end-results will be nice either way, but I'm trying to figure out how to make it easy to write on the backend

deborah [1:02 PM] momijizukamori: talk to me more about API issues. It's early; I can redesign.

rahaeli [1:02 PM] If it helps any, I trust that you and @deborah will come up with something great!

deborah [1:03 PM] If it's mediocre, we'll add cheese. That always improves things.
deborah [1:03]  Wait, that's food, not APIs.

From #general in Slack.

#685 -- #dreamwidth, 2017-02-27 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth

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[22 18:22] <Sophira> Hopefully this actually works now.
[22 18:22] * Sophira sends computer bugs to the inferno
[22 18:22] <Sophira> :(
[22 18:23] <Sophira> send computer bugs to the inferno
[22 18:23] <Sophira> send computer bugs to the Inferno with a capital I
[22 18:23] * RWHell sneaks out a scaly hand and grabs computer bugs with a capital I!
[22 18:23] <Sophira> ...right.
[22 18:23] * RWHell 's depths emit a sudden roar as it expels an exterminator. (stayed in Hell for 106 days)

[22 18:24] <Sophira> (somebody is going to be real confused when that last one comes out again)

#684 -- #dreamwidth-bitch, 2016-08-22 - submitted by [info - DW]geekosaur in Dreamwidth

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< V_PauAmma_V> Channel stretch!
* Azz stretches in a way that does not invoke the Terrible Grinding Noise (TM)
<schemathemagic> <3
* Silver_Adept is here to protect you from the Terrible Secret of Space.
* Azz will be protected from the Terrible Secret of Space.
<V_PauAmma_V> By being pushed down the stairs?
* Azz does not know what kind of robot Silver_Adept is.
<Silver_Adept> Do not trust the [static] robot.
<Azz> I prefer dynamic robots, myself.
<Philippa> are those the ones that go "pak chooie unf"?
<Silver_Adept> Unf unf unf.
<Silver_Adept> (Yep.)
<Philippa> suffice to say that if someone asks me if I have stairs in my house, I'll fail the handshake in a way that makes it clear I did so on purpose?
* Azz does not, in fact, have stairs in their house.
<Philippa> I'm in a ground floor flat
<Philippa> so yeah, "bit difficult in a ground floor flat" is a perfect way to fail the handshake?
<Philippa> (there are other floors, but I am not claiming to be protected)
<Silver_Adept> Go stand by the stairs.
* Azz does not stand anywhere near the stairs.
<Silver_Adept> So that you may be protected.
<Azz> Oh! Protection!
* Azz hands Silver_Adept a moderately sized silvery box.
<Azz> (Aluminium, I think.)

#683 -- #dreamwidth, 2016-08-10 - submitted by [info - DW]pauamma in Dreamwidth

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06:15 PM <schemathemagic> and now my phone's signal phrase to do things is "By the power of Greyskull!"
06:15 PM <schemathemagic> "By the power of Greyskull! ...set a timer"

#682 -- #dreamwidth-bitch, 2016-07-20 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth

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10:00 AM <Kareila> kaberett: on it
10:03 AM <kaberett> thank you :-)
10:22 AM <kaberett> Kareila: magic <3
11:12 AM <Kareila> has the job queue been replaced with a bowl of petunias?
11:33 AM <V_PauAmma_V> "Oh no, not again!"

H2G2: still super relevant in 2016.

#681 -- #dreamwidth, 2016-04-11 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth

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01:41 AM <sgsabbage> I had a dream about DW last night. I dreamt that we'd all gone on holiday but to get to the bed and breakfast we'd booked we had to parachute in
01:42 AM <_Simon_> hee
01:43 AM <sgsabbage> ...and then when we got to the B&B we then had to have a discussion with the owner about 'accessibility'
01:43 AM <sgsabbage> because parachuting in probably wasn't compliant with the DDA
01:44 AM <_Simon_> did the dream cover how one got out again?
01:44 AM <sgsabbage> sadly not
01:44 AM <_Simon_> aww

#680 -- #dreamwidth-bitch, 2016-02-05 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth

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<kaberett> nsfw, I guess, if your work objects to sharks wearing stockings

#678 -- #dreamwidth, 2016-01-05 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth

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22:10 < zorkian> code push is going
22:10 < zorkian> all hail Kareila!
22:11 < Kareila> should be done!
22:14 < exor674> push all the cod?
22:14 < zorkian> yes! the cod is flopping about.
22:15 < geekosaur> "not tonight, I have a haddock"
22:16 < V_PauAmma_V> I can't believe I'm herring this.
22:19 < zorkian> That one is off the hook.
22:20 < V_PauAmma_V> (to zorkian) Why do you flounder?
22:21 < zorkian> Oh, you're krilling it now!
22:24  * Kareila refuses to rise to the bait.
22:25 < rahaeli> you all need to go sit in the corner and think about what you've done

< V_PauAmma_V> (to rahaeli) And there I thought you were a chum! :-(

#677 -- #dreamwidth, 2015-08-30 - submitted by [info - DW]kareila in Dreamwidth

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17:02 < kaberett> okay so I still don't bloody know how any of this codebase works. can someone point me at where $u->journal_base is *actually pulled from/defined*?
17:03 < kaberett> wait
17:03 < kaberett> gottit
17:03 < kaberett> maybe
17:04 < kaberett> oooooor not.
17:06 < kaberett> (in that I'm now looking at DW::Controller::Create and I'm still not seeing how _that_'s setting up journal_base)
17:11 < geekosaur> LJ::journal_base and LJ::User::journal_base (the latter just calls the former) are in cgi-bin/LJ/User/Styles.pm from the looks of it?
17:15 < kaberett> I was kind of assuming that the journal_base that shows up in styles is different from the journal_base that is http://username.dreamwidth.org
17:15 < kaberett> because if it isn't I want to cry :-o
17:15 < kaberett> p
17:16 < geekosaur> the comment on LJ::journal_base claims it is, sadly
17:16 < kaberett> ... yep
17:16 < kaberett> just found it
17:16 < kaberett> okay
17:16 < kaberett> crying
17:17 < geekosaur> (wtf it's doing in Styles.pm is another question / probable crying...)
17:17 < kaberett> brad why
17:17 < kaberett> brad. why.
17:18 < geekosaur> lj / dw: a codebase that can make even experienced developers cry
17:22 < V_PauAmma_V> (to kaberett) I don't think it's brad this time. It was in LJ::User.pm before that got split to umpteen modules.
17:25 < kaberett> V_PauAmma_V: heh
17:26 < kaberett> V_PauAmma_V: still gonna claim that WHY BRAD. WHY. is the appropriate response, as of invoking a deity
17:27 < V_PauAmma_V> (to kaberett) OK.
17:32  * sgsabbage offers kaberett all the hugs
17:32 < exor674> we are not allowed to worship Brad
17:32 < exor674> nor are we allowed to summon Brad
17:34 < geekosaur> ph'nglui mglw'nafh Brad ...google?... wgah'nagl fhtagn
17:36 < sgsabbage> damnit geekosaur my satellite just stopped working I blame you

Real Dreamwidth Programmers blame Brad for everything.

#676 -- #dreamwidth-dev, 2015-08-28 - submitted by [info - DW]kareila in Dreamwidth

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[08:16] <_Simon_> however, I am delighted to see that there is a page entitled "List of unicorns".
[08:16] <_Simon_> ...which is in the category "Low-importance literature articles".
[08:25] <kaberett> shd clearly be categorised as zoology
[08:46] <_Simon_> as opposed to mythology? :-)
[08:46] <exor674> mythical zoology?
[08:46] <kaberett> cryptozoology? :-p
[08:48] <exor674> kaberett: isn't that what you do when you accidentally RSA your cat?

#675 -- #dreamwidth, 2015-03-05 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth

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[00:04] <zorkian> release branching
[00:04] <zorkian> release-1.22
[00:04] <Azz> woo
[00:10] <zorkian> sorry, it will be release-1.23
[00:10] <zorkian> we’re doing bad things over here
[00:11] <Kareila> tsk tsk
[00:13] <zorkian> I mis-incremented and clobbered an old release branch
[00:15] <Azz> I am stepping afk; friend is having a wet/dry vac crisis (she doesn't have one and I do)
[00:15] <Kareila> I will have to go to bed soon, I have church in 7 hours
[00:15] <zorkian> Oof yea, we should be going quick now that we’re down to the nuts and bolts of pushing
[00:16] <zorkian> assuming nothing goes badly
[00:16] <Afuna> "assuming nothing goes badly" feels like a dangerous thing to say
[00:16] <zorkian> I live on the edge
[00:17] <rahaeli> i just want the record to reflect that i was not the person who said that
[00:18] <Kareila> you don't just live on the edge, you dance on it barefoot while juggling flamethrowers.

#674 -- #dreamwidth-dev, 2015-01-18 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth

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[28 19:58] <V_PauAmma_V> Bit, foodtime?
[28 19:58] <Fig-Bit> NO
[28 19:58] * V_PauAmma_V flips Bit.
[28 19:59] <V_PauAmma_V> Bit, foodtime?
[28 19:59] <Fig-Bit> YES

#673 -- #dreamwidth-bitch, 2014-09-28 - submitted by [info - DW]geekosaur in Dreamwidth

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[09:09] <fhocutt1> I'm not sure whether I just found a yak or a shark
[09:10] <exor674> try to shave it, if it has a fin and/or doesn't have fur, it's a shark
[09:10] <V_PauAmma_V> (to fhocutt1) If you can shave it, it's a yak. If you can jump it, it's a shark. :-)
[09:10] <fhocutt1> hah!
[09:10] * Woggy jumps the yak
[09:10] <fhocutt1> the yak gets very cranky

#672 -- #dreamwidth, 2014-08-27 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth

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(11:37:48 AM) rahaeli: zorkian: i am doing a thing!
(11:38:01 AM) rahaeli: it is hilariously out of my competency level, lol

(11:41:36 AM) zorkian: The only way to grow one's competency!
(11:41:54 AM) zorkian: Is to fling yourself at the wall with determination and a medic on standby

#671 -- #dreamwidth-dev, 2014-08-14 - submitted by [info - DW]jl_baldridge in Dreamwidth

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(8:43:02 PM) tt: so currently I am considering a small lizard near my hip
(8:43:11 PM) tt: I have been imagining it on my left hip, but I suppose either would work
(8:43:32 PM) Amianym: :D
(8:43:34 PM) Amianym: leeeezard
(8:52:33 PM) azetidine left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(8:55:49 PM) zorkian: this conversatoin makes more sense when I saw it mentions tattoos

#670 -- #dreamwidth, 2014-08-13 - submitted by [info - DW]amianym in Dreamwidth

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[12:51] <Momijizukamori> meanwhile I'm trying to get a test entry for this that actually works because wow I had some enthusiastic spambots
[12:51] <Afuna> :x
[12:52] <exor674> ;_;
[12:52] <Momijizukamori> I was like 'I don't remember making the comment script post five thousand comments'
[12:52] <Momijizukamori> and the answer is I didn't
[12:52] <Momijizukamori> I had it post 200. The other 4,800 are spam

#669 -- #dreamwidth-dev, 2014-07-27 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth

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21:03 < kaberett> o/
21:36 < fhocutt> \o
21:36 < pineapple> o/
21:36 < fhocutt> this is starting to look like a knitted lace pattern

stay for the yarn

#668 -- #dreamwidth, 2014-06-18 - submitted by [info - DW]kaberett in Dreamwidth

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[07:03] <geekosaur> it's going to be one of those days... just tried to type my credit card PIN into the microwave

#667 -- #dreamwidth, 2014-06-05 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth

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[17:33] <whump> me: this K-Cup hot chocolate is an abomination in the eyes of God.
[17:33] <whump> coworker: I'm an atheist.
[17:33] <whump> me: I'm agnostic and I can see an abomination where there is one.

#666 -- #dreamwidth-bitch, 2014-06-05 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth


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